Wandering to the corner of Jakarta City.

Jakarta can be said as a city that combines traditional and modern sides, as well as the side of diverse cultures from all regions in Indonesia. This metropolis has a special attraction that makes it one of the most attractive capitals to visit in Southeast Asia, and Jakarta can be said to be a very unique city and very worth to exploring.

Do you want to travel around Jakarta City but you feel bored with the same destination offered by other tour companies?

Don’t worry because Jakarta has several unique and different objects, like the Java Private Tour service that is unique and always different from other tour companies, so you will certainly find an unforgettable impression when you explore Jakarta with the Java Private Tour.

Jakarta Old Town

You may have gone too often to the Old Town area in various countries, and even museums make you feel bored, then the Java Private Tour will try to reference some of the main anti mainstream destinations that you can visit in the city of Jakarta.

The city of Jakarta has a variety of charms for you to visit, because there are many interesting and unique things that you don’t know about Jakarta that you can explore, Java Private Tour will invite you to adventure along every corner of the city of Jakarta.

Hunting for the best Coffee Beans in Jakarta.

Santa Market Jakarta

Coffee from Indonesia is very popular and worldwide, every taste of coffee from various regions in Indonesia is able to captivate the audience from abroad, and one of the ways to find out is by visiting the Coffee Shop named Dunia Kopi located in Santa Market Jakarta.

Santa Market is a gathering place for coffee fans. Starting from the visitors who want to buy green coffee beans, or just try cold coffee and feel how delicious coffee is that wins the competition in this world.

Santa Market Jakarta

Java Private Tour will educate and discuss how to drink good coffee, and when you visit this place, you will see how Indonesia is very rich in coffee variants from various regions, such as: Arabica Aceh Wine, Bali Coffee, Aceh Gayo, Toraja, Lampung, Java Preanger, in total there are 30 types of coffee sold in this Coffee Shop.

Exploring the Jakarta Traditional Market.

Jakarta Traditional Market

Knowing more about traditional market activities in Jakarta and interacting with the community and local traders, the traditional market in Jakarta is one of interesting place you can visit.

Jakarta Traditional Market

The existence of a Traditional Market is something that is lost in the midst of the development of the City of Jakarta, will be very interesting because you can see the sale and purchase transactions of various daily needs, including raw materials and typical Indonesian food, and see firsthand local traders in conducting business and marketing strategies that are in traditional markets that are still very comfortable with traditional behavior.

Jakarta Traditional Street Food that will shake your tongue.

Jakarta Traditional Food

There is no memorable visit if you go to Jakarta but you don’t try local street food.

Feel the pleasure that awakens the taste of various Indonesian specialties in the heart of this country,with a very dynamic cuisine, dining locations that offer traditional and contemporary menus that are spread in the city of Jakarta.

Local Stalls Traditional Food Of Jakarta
Local Stalls Traditional Food Of Jakarta

Regarding the culinary world, Jakarta has experienced so many modern culinary styles combined with traditional culinary styles that influence each other, such as: Classical Europe, Mediterranean, Chinese menu to Traditional Exotic menus from various regions throughout Indonesia can be found in the city of Jakarta.

Cheap shopping in Jakarta.

Pasar Baroe Jakarta

Pasar Baru Jakarta, located in Central Jakarta and is the oldest trade center which is more than 200 years old, It was built in 1820, and the unique condition of Pasar Baru has not changed too much, this market still displays its classic style, and until now Pasar Baru has not been affected by a growing number of modern shopping centers in Jakarta.

Pasar Baroe Jakarta

Here you can find a variety of clothing stores, shoes and textile stores, prices in Pasar Baru are indeed cheaper than other modern shopping centers around Jakarta, although indeed between one store and another store in Pasar Baru can have different prices, so you sometimes have to go in and out of the store and find the best price.

Jakarta is known as one of the shopping destination, starting from grocery shopping, until to luxury malls, but you don’t always have to pay a lot of money to shop in Jakarta, all you need to know is that you only need to know where to shop cheaply in Jakarta, but certainly with good quality, one of which is Pasar Baru.

Explore the city of Jakarta in one day with Java Private Tour and you can determine where your destination, Flexible travel plans depend on Jakarta’s interests, needs and traffic conditions.

Java Private Tour is sure, you will definitely want to feel the unique sensation of a private tour in Jakarta and want to know more about Jakarta City that hasn’t been revealed yet!

The Java Private Tour will give you insight into what to expect when you visit Jakarta, and why you should choose the Java Private Tour for your time exploring this tropical paradise. Welcome to the world of unique and spectacular private tours with Java Private Tour.

Java Private Tour will facilitate your activities when you want to explore the city of Jakarta, even our services can be tailored to your wishes, and our driver can speak English well, which can also be your private tour guide, and our services are indeed more devoted to foreign tourists and expatriates visiting Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi, and Bali.

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