Finding Culinary Gems in Bandung West Of Java

West Java specialties

Bandung West Java with a natural rural ambience and also the cool and comfortable mountain air temperature, plus the Sundanese tribe community have a special dish that is very interesting to enjoy.

West Java Nature

Finding culinary gems in Bandung, West Java, this private tour can shake your tongue and enjoy filling your stomach with authentic local cuisine typical of West Java, adventuring to try a variety of delicious West Javanese cuisine, then try the legendary ‘Sambal Lalap’ dish, Liwet Rice, Timbel Rice, Grilled Rice, Stir fried Water Spinach, Stir fried Genjer, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Carp Fish.

West Java Specialties
West Java Specialties

Are you interested in culinary Sundanese specialties in Bandung?

Take part in this tour and enjoy the most enjoyable culinary private tours while enjoying the natural beauty the City of Bandung West Java.

Private Culinary Tour

To explore Bandung and its culinary tours comfortably, the choice of a private vehicle with a driver who can speak English and at the same time as a private tour guide is the best option for you to choose.

You will be able to relax more on the journey, and our private guide service will increase your knowledge of various authentic culinary specialties from West Java, and you can also freely choose the route you want.

Java Private Tour Professional Services
Java Private Tour Professional Services

Explore the java island’s culinary treasures with Java Private Tour, and you will find out the secret of real java!

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