Menteng Ereveld Jakarta a silent witness of Indonesian – Dutch history

Menteng Ereveld Cemetery

The grave, certainly according to most people will have the impression of a creepy and haunted atmosphere, but the burial complex is not like the image of most cemeteries in general.

The Dutch cemetery named Ereveld Menteng Pulo is very neat, clean and beautiful like a garden in heaven.

Menteng Evereld Cemetery

If you visit this place, you will surely be impressed by its beauty, cleanliness and neatness. Rows of gravestones are lined up and arranged very neatly, and very contrast with the splendor of Jakarta’s skyscrapers.

Simultan Church

This place is perfect for you who like history and architecture, especially history and architecture of classical European art, and Indonesian – Dutch architecture, so the tomb of the Dutch Honor in the Menteng Pulo area of Jakarta can be your choice when visiting Jakarta.

Private Symbol Of The Dutch Monarchy

You could say this is the most beautiful burial complex in Indonesia, rows of white tombstones lined neatly arranged on green grass. This cemetery is under the auspices of the Dutch Embassy.

Menteng Evereld Cemetery

Although this place may be open to the public, but there are some special conditions that must be met by visitors. The visitors are required and set aside for you who have an interest and passion in terms of history and architecture, but if your goal is only to go to this cemetery to make it a commercial photo shoot, then you will be rejected by the clerk at the gate.

Generaal S.H.Spoor

Evereld Menteng Pulo was built in 1947, the location currently used is a grant from the Indonesian government to the Dutch government, which aims to accommodate the burial of the bodies of victims of the second world war that occurred in 1949.

This funeral was designed by Lieutenant Colonel HA Van Oerle and the foundation stone of the first laying of his inauguration was carried out by Lieutenant General Hendrik Simon Spoor, at that time he was the highest Dutch military leader in Indonesia, still one location with the burial area, standing tall Simultaneously a Simultaneous Church, where inside the church lies a cross of railroad tracks taken from the Burmese railroad.

Simultan Church & Train Pads from Burma

Are you one of the observers and interested in the history of the development of Indonesia and Netherlands?, I’m sure you will be interested in visiting the Evereld Menteng Pulo Jakarta Cemetery.

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