The Mystery and Beauty of Salak Mountain West Of Java.

Halimun-Salak Mountain National Park

Mount Salak is a famous mountain in the West Java region, many foreign nationals from around the world who ask the Java Private Tour after they make the climb, and are curious as to what facts actually are in the eyes of local people about this active volcanic mountain which is famous for its beauty.

Bogor and Sukabumi Regencies

Mount Salak, located in West Java Province, Bogor and Sukabumi Regencies, has an altitude of 2,211 meters above sea level. Mount Salak has been under the management of the Halimun-Salak Mountain National Park since 2003.

This mountain is very old age
included in type Stratos grade A, and since 1600 there have been several eruptions, which occurred between 1668, 1699, 1780, 1902,1903, and 1935. The last eruption occurred in 1938, phreatic eruptions that occurred in the crater section called Cikuluwung Putri Crater.

According to data from the Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation, the largest eruption ever occurred in 1699, which is magmatic eruption and is very destructive, causing the number of victims to be unknown how much is the exact number, because the victims are very many. Morphologically, this mountain has many steep and deep ravines.

Because you could say the entire surface of the mountain to the top of the mountain is covered in dense tropical rain forest, the contours of this mountain are not easily seen. This often deceives climbers and airplane pilots, and many climbers fall into deep ravines, and pilot aircraft that pass through this mountainous region crashed into the surface of this mountain.

Salak Mountain Tropical Rain Forest

Mount Salak has seven peaks, you can imagine how challenging it will be to explore this mountain.  The highest peak is called Salak I Peak with an altitude of 2,211 meters above sea level, and very rarely visited by local climbers and international climbers, or local residents, because they are considered haunted, full of mystery and considered a forest inhabited by ghosts, but other than that, Salak 1 Peak is considered to have a fairly high level of difficulty, both vegetation characteristics and steep terrain conditions, Are you interested in exploring Puncak Salak 1 with Java Private Tour ?

Ajisaka Climbing Route
Cidahu Climbing Route
Rengit Climbing Route
Cimelati Climbing Route

To climb to get to the top, there are 4 choices of climbing routes, first by taking the Ajisaka climbing route with an estimated up to a peak of 160 minutes, second taking the Cidahu climbing route with an estimated up to a peak of 120 minutes, the third taking the Rengit Market climbing route with an estimate of up to a peak of 70 minutes, and the fourth takes the Cimelati climbing route with an estimated peak of 140 minutes.

This mountain also has the charm of extraordinary natural beauty, has many natural waterfalls that surround this mountain, here are a few waterfalls, such as Cigamea Waterfall, Seribu Waterfall, Ngumpet Waterfall, Pangeran Waterfall, Nangka Waterfall, Luhur Waterfall, and many more.

This mountain is often referred to as the most haunted and haunted mountain in West Java, many of the mystery stories of lost climbers, even death, and many mystical events that are often experienced by visitors who come there.

There are myths and urban legend stories, that in this mountain there is the center of the Genie kingdom located at the Peak of Mount Salak, Manik Peak is a sacred place that must be avoided from all forms of human activity, because often there are many climbers who can not reach this mountain peak because of very bad weather.

The local residents who live on the slopes of Mount Salak believe that the existence of Genie, the genie is an embodiment of the king who is remembered throughout the ages, namely Sri Baduga Maharaja Prabu Siliwangi.

The last is, there are some restrictions, which should not be done, for those of you who want to explore Mount Salak, that you are prohibited from picking orchids, and never ask where the existence of snake fruit (Salak) on Mount Salak.

The origin of the name “salak” actually comes from the Sanskrit language, which is ‘Salaka’ which means silver, hence Mount Salak means ‘Silver Mountain’, and does not refer to snake fruit (salak).

Then, when will you visit Mount Salak ?, Java Private Tour will be waiting for you 🙂

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