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Warteg (Warung Tegal) has become an easy alternative to find for those of you who are hungry and want to eat a large portion, you don’t need to pay a high price to fill your stomach, this is a condition that is inversely different if you buy food at the mall, or fancy restaurants that are very expensive.

Warteg Menu

WARTEG has become a general term for roadside food stalls. “Warung Tegal” or also commonly called (WARTEG) you can meet as far as your eyes can see in all regions of Indonesia, This is one type of gastronomic business that provides food and drinks with very affordable prices.

Various Options Side Dishes Warteg

Warteg’s origins were initially managed by people from two villages, namely the residents of Sidapurna and Sidakaton villages in Tegal Regency, Central Java Province, Dukuhturi District, Tegal and Krandon Districts. They manage Warteg alternately, (between families in one family bond) every 3 to 4 months. Those who do not have the turn to manage Warteg will usually return to farming and managing plantations or ranches in their home town. The manager and owner of the Warteg in Jakarta, who is a native of Tegal, usually joins the Warung Tegal Cooperative, which is popular with the abbreviation KOWARTEG.

Services at Warteg

The dishes and menus at Warteg are very simple and do not require very complete kitchen equipment. Tempe (fermented fried soy beans), Vegetable Soup, Omelet, Saute Kale are almost always found, as are snacks such as fried bananas, drinks like coffee, tea, and some soft drinks. Some Tegal Stalls (Warteg) specialize in serving several types of food, such as Sate Tegal (Young Goat Satay), Goulash and typical Tegal Beverage (Teh Poci).

Warteg Menu

The current number of Warteg recorded by KOWARTEG (Warteg Cooperative Association) is more than 35,000 stalls in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi. Mr. Asmawi, who is an Adviser to the Warteg Cooperative Association, explained that Warteg is now also already abroad (Korea, Netherlands and Germany).

Warteg At German

for example in Berlin, the owner named Bram Fernandin, he is a former badminton player from the badminton club Djarum Kudus who opened the Warteg named Bram Fernandin has introduced Indonesian cuisine to the people of Berlin, with an average price of food priced at 5.9 euros or if converted to Rupiah equivalent to Rp 88,000 ‘Nusantara Halal Restaurant’, What is unique is that the servants recruited by Bram Fernandin in his Warteg are originally from Tegal. So, the taste of the food is guaranteed not to be mixed with typical flavors of other regions, you can find this Warteg at Turn Str 18, 10559, Berlin.

Warteg menu in Germany

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