The Other Side Of Jakarta City

The city of Jakarta is like the stage of life for its citizens, skyscrapers seem dumb in the glittering life of the city of Jakarta that holds so many stories about the other side of the city of Jakarta that we do not know.

This is the time for the Java Private Tour to talk about the other side of the city of Jakarta from the point of view of the Java Private Tour, which is the outer side of the standard definition of Jakarta city attractions that will explore stories about places that are more than just destinations.

There are some places that are so unfamiliar, even the native Jakartans themselves, I’m sure not many people know, some places are considered trivial by Jakartans, even though these places are so special and there is a lot of history that can be linked that became the forerunner to the development of the city of Jakarta today.

For example, like this, have you ever thought of where the word Jakarta comes from, and do you know about Prince Jayakarta?, whose name is enshrined as the name of the Electric Train Station (KRL)?, and do you already know who is Achmed Djaketra?, Who is he? and where is buried?

For those young people who often hang out in South Jakarta, such as Mall Pejaten Village, cafes in the Kemang area, they will never know that across from the Pejaten Village mall there is a tomb of one of the famous people that became the origin of the Ragunan region?

The other side of the city of Jakarta also offers several other places that have interesting history, culture and art, you might never know that Jakarta has Betawi Batik in the Cilandak area, this can be made as a souvenir and can be brought to your country as a memento, for you fans of Hermes bags, have you ever taken a picture with the statue of the god Hermes in Jakarta? Or maybe you don’t even know that Jakarta has 2 statue of Hermes?

Still on the other side of the city of Jakarta, there are several museums that also go unnoticed, for example the Antara Museum Gallery which keeps many rare and historic photographs, and there are also General Ahmad Yani and General Nasution Museum with tragedy stories about them in the 60s, and there are also the Basuki Abdullah Museum with paintings whose eyes are said to glance.

Likewise with one of the culinary places, there is one pizza restaurant in the Senen area which turns out the age of the building is very old as Batavia, or street food stalls, which turned out to be very legendary, even in Jakarta, even culinary places have very interesting stories.

This man is one of my idols, for you Jakarta residents, surely know about the former Governor of DKI Jakarta named Basuki Tjahaya Purnama (Ahok) with all the pros and cons, we can also make a visit to his office at the Jakarta City Hall.

From the glittering world of modern city life for young people, while behind the luxury of Jakarta, the Java Private Tour will take you to travel uniquely, wisely and wisely, to see poverty, and to awaken the social life of Jakarta Capital City residents who may already be numb.

It feels endless when talking about the other side of the city of Jakarta, so many things that can be told, so many points of view, and the more excavated, the more aware, that many things we do not know about the capital of Jakarta, after you read this article, try to see the area around you, who knows you find another side of your city, which we all don’t know about yet.

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