Thousand Doors, Semarang Central Of Java.

Thousand Door’s Semarang Central Of Java

Indonesia is a country that has a thousand beauties and a thousand mysteries. One of a place in Indonesia, which is famous for its beauty and at the same time keeps a mystery is Lawang Sewu. This place has a dark history in the period before Indonesian independence.

Sunset at Thousand Doors

Located in the Tugu Muda Roundabout, Semarang city, Central Java Province, making lawang sewu as the iconic center and attraction of the city of Semarang. “Lawang Sewu” in Javanese is interpreted as a Thousand Doors. The hallmark of an old Dutch-style building is indeed famous for its tall and wide windows, so it looks like a door. Unlike its name, the number of doors in Lawang Sewu is actually only 429. However, local residents still call it a “thousand doors”.

Simpang Lima Area

This building was built on 27 February 1904 which was designed by European architects.
This building is the former administrative headquarters of the Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij or NIS. NIS itself is the center of a private railroad company from the Netherlands.

However, after Indonesian independence, this building was used by Djawatan Kereta Api Republic Of Indonesia or now named PT Kereta Api Indonesia. This building was also used as the office of the Diponegoro Regional Military Command Infrastructure Office, the regional office of the Ministry of Transportation in Central Java, and the Riyuku Sokyoku Office (Japan Transportation Bureau) during the Japanese occupation.

Inside Of Thousand Door’s

Lawang Sewu is a silent witness to various histories, especially being a place of intense fighting between the Youth of the Youth Railway Force with Kempetai and Kidobutai Japan during the Five Day Battle in Semarang.
Therefore, this building is designated as a historic ancient building.

Ancient Acrylic Glass inside the Thousand Doors Building

This magnificent building has a stained glass manufacturer that tells the story of the beauty of Java, Dutch rule over Semarang and Batavia, the maritime city and the triumph of the train. The grandeur and beauty of this building that shines at night, turns out to save the sad story that is hidden.

This building consists of 3 floors and also an underground passageway. The first and second floors functioned as offices, while the third floor and underground passages functioned as prisons during the Japanese occupation. This hallway used to function as a water channel during the Dutch occupation, so the base would always be wet because it was moist.

Thousand Doors Underground Prison

This basement is the most attractive room for anyone visiting Lawang Sewu. In this room, there is a squat prison shaped like a tub and only has a height of 0.5 meters. In ancient times, prisoners were put into the tub rollicking. Then the tub will be filled with neck-limited water and covered with iron trellis at the top. The series of history that ever happened in this place turned out to leave mystical stories in the Lawang Sewu area.

Thousand Door’s appearance from above

Many people claim to see things strange and strange when visiting Lawang Sewu. In fact, one of the television station shows on Indonesia once used an underground passageway in the area to test the courage. However, the participant failed to survive until the end of the event because he claimed to see a woman accompanying him in the alley. Not only squat prison, this place also has standing prisons and very interesting to explore.

This prison has a size of 1×1 meter. In ancient times, prisoners numbering 7-8 people would be put in and stand together. And in the end, the prisoners will die from being crammed for quite a long time. The prisoners who were killed, would be thrown into the river located behind Lawang Sewu or buried in the area of ​​the yard. Not only that, in the courtyard of the main building there is an old well that is always locked and never opened.

It is said that the reason for the closure, because often heard the sound of screams from the well at night. However, various mystical stories that sound very mysterious do not reduce the charm and beauty of this place. The radiant building lights at night make anyone who comes will be enchanted by its beauty.

The front page of Thousand Doors

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