The Culture Of Drinking Tuak in Tuban, East Of Java.

Tuak seller

Tuak, is a kind of traditional drink, has a bitter taste, and can be quite intoxicating. Even so, a lot of people like this drink.

Besides being famous for a drink called “Lejen(lontar juice/non alcohol) which tastes quite delicious with a refreshing sensation, Tuban Regency East Of Java is also famous for its Tuak drink, so it is called Tuban as Tuak City (Tuban Tuak City).

Tuban – East Java, also known as Ronggolawe City, here drinking Tuak has become a mandatory drink for some of its citizens, don’t be surprised if in Tuban there are many people who drink Tuak together so freely.

Even sometimes the tuak drinking activity is also carried out on the side of the highway jokingly, while chatting with various themes, drinking tuak is a longstanding culture, and is quite interesting.

There are several types of Tuak that have a high alcohol content, and can be intoxicating, the color of the drink is white like milk and tastes bitter, this drink is made from sap of sap that is tapped from Siwalan flowers or Lontar Fruits (Borassus Flabellifer).

The process of making Tuak is almost the same as making a Lejen drink (lontar fruit), shoots from Siwalan Flowers are thinly sliced, and the sap that comes out is accommodated in a ‘Bumbung‘ (container made of bamboo segments) 40-50 cm long, when making Lejen, the Bumbung must be washed clean, but to make this Tuak, the Bumbung Tuak without being cleaned first, because the dirt that adheres to the roof is what affects the fermentation process in the juice of wine into palm wine, some Tuak makers have even added tree bark from guava, juwet or jamblang, Noni or Pace plant, the aim is to give different sensations in each palm Tuak wine taste, and true Tuak drinkers and connoisseurs can distinguish which palm Tuak wine drinks taste like guava seeds, juwet, noni, and so on.

In Tuban Regency – East Java, drinking tuak has become a tradition. In the area nicknamed Ronggolawe City, both on the side of the highway, alley, fields, gardens or rice fields and so on can be found some residents who gather together to enjoy a Tuak drink while chatting for a long time.

When drinking Tuak wine, they will use ‘Centak‘, which is a glass made from bamboo, the price of a tuak drink per Centak is around Rp.2,000, while drinking Tuak wine, they also eat snacks, Indonesian people call it “dorongan” (encouragement), in the form of baked snacks or ‘Tambul‘, which are small side dishes using banana leaves, which contain various fried animals, such as eels, organ meats, or lizards that are cooked and processed using very spicy ingredients, even some of them mix using the flesh of monitor lizards (monitor lizards) shaped like a mini dragon.

Enjoying Traditional Tuak

Although there are several types of Tuak drinks that can be intoxicating, the tradition of drinking Tuak is still there, even the local government also tolerates this tradition as long as the connoisseurs of Tuak drinks do not disturb order, and security, and they can control themselves, likewise, the palm Tuak wine drinkers themselves also tolerate the wine drinkers as needed without making them very drunk. In this case there is a slap that says that if someone is drunk, and creates problems when drinking Tuak wine, then that person is not a Tuban resident, because the Tuban resident is a true connoisseur of Tuak wine.

Moreover, there is an assumption for them that drinking Tuak wine can help prevent and treat diseases related to the kidneys, even though these myths have not been proven to be true and may even conflict with health science, in many daily lives the Tuban people drink tuak as a traditional drink and as a supplement drink, interestingly, with alcohol content high enough for palm Tuak wine, in mid September 2009 the Tuban Regency Government through the Mining and Energy Service in Tuban Regency conducted a study on palm Tuak wine. This study develops ‘tuak’ drinks into ethanol which can be used as fuel oil (gasoline). The trial of palm wine to ethanol is still carried out by involving people who want to learn technical processing methods.

The technical processing of palm sugar into ethanol consists of 10 liters of wine and mixed with Javanese sugar. After fermentation for seven days and distilled to produce 2 liters of ethanol. The trial is certainly worth following up so that from the intoxicating Beverage that there will be many positive benefits that can be taken for the benefit of many people.

Traditional Tuak Seller

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