Spiritual journey in Borobudur Temple, watching the sunset behind the splendor of world heritage.

Corona Covid-19 virus is predicted to be the main cause of the slowing domestic economy of Indonesia. Indonesia Bank has even lowered its economic growth forecast for 2020 to 5-5.4% from the original estimate of 5.1-5.5%, I don’t know if it’s true or not, whether it’s a hoax made by a handful of people who use Covid 19 as a political tool or not, but can it prevent me from always telling positive things about how beautiful Indonesia and the Land of Java are?, certainly not!, I hope I’m not the only Indonesian who is always optimistic, I hope I’m not the only Indonesian who always preaches positive things in the midst of hoax news about Covid 19 in Indonesia, I hope that many Indonesian people always give a positive aura to the progress of our beloved country.

Indonesia has a unique cultural heritage and high artistic value. One of the historical buildings in Indonesia that is famous across the country is the Borobudur Temple. This temple is located in Magelang Regency, Central Java Province. This is a relic of the largest Buddhist temple in the world, which was built between 780-840 AD.

This temple was built during the Syailendra Dynasty, the dynasty that was in power at that time on the Indonesian archipelago. Built during the kingdom of Ancient Mataram, this temple became a sacred place to glorify the Buddha while also serving as a place of pilgrimage to guide mankind to move from the realm of worldly desires to enlightenment and wisdom according to Buddhist teachings. This building has an area of ​​123×123 square meters and stands majestically with 10 tiers.

This historic relic was discovered by British troops in 1814 which at that time was under the leadership of Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles. This temple is composed of volcanic beams of andesite stone which rest and interlock. What makes it unique and amazing, these blocks are arranged without glue or cement so that they are like a giant lego arrangement. This is evidence of the progress of ancient human civilization in the fields of architecture, technology, and literature. The building is a square with 4 entrances and a circular center point. There are 504 Buddha statues with meditation attitudes and 6 different hand positions throughout the temple. The splendor and uniqueness of this temple made UNESCO establish this temple as one of the world cultural heritages in 1991.

You can surround the green courtyard in the temple area by riding an elephant or horse. One of the favorite destinations of domestic and foreign tourists in visiting this temple, is watching the sunset on the western horizon from the height of Borobudur Temple. This moment became an iconic phenomenon due to the beautiful sunset view against the background of Hill to the south of the temple, and the row of four large Indonesian mountains that surround this building. During Vesak celebrations, this place is the center of the destination of Buddhists from various countries. During the celebration, hundreds of lanterns will be released to the sky along with their best wishes for the next year. This moment will be the best spiritual moment that you will never forget.

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