Javanese Traditional Herbal Medicine as an Antidote to Corona Covid-19 Virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that Corona Virus COVID-19 is a global pandemic. This virus has spread to 153 countries in the world, and until now (April 8, 2020) has killed nearly 7,429 people globally. While the number of positive cases of Corona COVID-19 virus infection globally reached 169,610 and as many as 77,775 patients have been successfully cured.

In Indonesia there were 117 cases of COVID-19 and five people had died, Indonesian Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi was one of the people infected with the virus.

Seeing this, the Java Private Tour was also concerned, and tried as much as possible to provide the best for Indonesia, and even the Java Private Tour tried to provide something beneficial for the good of the World by introducing Javanese Traditional Herbal which has been licensed and registered with the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM), and certified halal from the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI), and Javanese Traditional Herbal, which has been known for a long time from generation to generation by the Javanese people as one of the Javanese cultural heritages which has properties to maintain stamina, immune system, and even ward off corona covid virus 19.

Even Indonesian President Jokowi, and by chance he was a Javanese, in a statement posted on several government websites, Jokowi drank a mixture of red ginger, lemongrass, and turmeric up to three times a day since the new type of corona virus spread throughout the world. Jokowi said I used to be a tea drinker but now “I drink Javanese Traditional Herbal concoctions as a substitute for drinking tea” Jokowi said in his statement, “I even provide traditional Javanese herbal drinks for my guests, whether it is morning, afternoon or night.”

Among Indonesian people, traditional Javanese herbal medicine is claimed to cure various diseases, ranging from the common cold, stomach aches to gout, and even traditional Indonesian herbal drinks are believed to increase sexual stamina for men.

The corona covid-19 virus was inaugurated by WHO in March 2020, becoming one of the pandemics bringing concern all over the world. All countries prepare various prevention and treatment alternatives both for survivors and their citizens who are declared negative.

So, the Government gives several appeals related to what must be done and not done. The appeal was carried out among others to reduce the level of virus transmission by keeping a distance through social interactions that are generally carried out by the public and the country’s economic drivers.

Indirectly, the Government provides an appeal related to prevention externally.  However, how prevention can be done to ward off the corona covid-19 virus.  You can try one of the recipes of traditional Javanese drinks called Traditional Javanese Herbs.

Galangal Rice Herbal Medicine (Jamu Beras Kencur).

To be able to help ward off the corona covid-19 virus, you can increase your endurance by consuming galangal rice herbal medicine. You can start by preparing the tools and ingredients in advance. The ingredients used are as follows, namely galangal, rice, pandanus leaves, water, palm sugar, salt and lime juice to taste. Then, the tools used include knives, pans, containers, pestle (containers made of stone for mashing) or blenders, spoons.

Before boiling it on the stove, make sure the rice has been prepared by soaking it for 1 night, in addition to making sure the sugar has also been cut into small pieces first.

How to make galangal rice herbal medicine, the first is boiled water to boiling. After boiling, add ingredients that can melt first such as palm sugar and salt. After a while, add pandan leaves to make it more fragrant and delicious. Boil and stir these ingredients until dissolved and evenly distributed. After finishing, let stand a few moments.

While you are waiting for the stew, puree the rice by mashing, then add a little sugar water and salt, put it in another container first, after that, puree the galangal with a little sugar and salt water. then mix with the rice that has been mashed earlier, after finishing, pour into a container using a filter so that the pulp can be separated.

Do not dispose of the pulp that has been separated. Rice pulp and galangal that have been separated and then added with a little sugar water. Then stir until evenly mixed in a container and then strain again. Do it until the sugar water you prepare runs out.  To reduce the bitter taste, you can add lime juice, then the traditional herbal medicine of galangal rice is ready for you to consume.

Sour Turmeric (Kunyit Asem).

Sour Turmeric has been known in the Javanese community as an ingredient that can relieve inflammation, reduce nausea, control blood sugar in the body, and you can also use this herbal medicine as an antidote to the corona covid-19 virus.

Prepare ingredients and tools in advance. Materials needed include turmeric, brown sugar or granulated sugar, tamarind, water, and salt to taste. How to make it, first peel turmeric thoroughly, then wash with clean water.

The next step is to mash roughly turmeric that has been peeled. Prepare hot water by boiling it in a clean pan that has been provided. After boiling, add all the ingredients then cover the pan.

Boil all ingredients over low heat until cooked. Wait up to 20 minutes. The taste can adjust to your taste. If it’s not sweet enough, you can add sugar. But if it’s not salty, you can add salt to taste. When done with the taste you want, then turn off your stove and pour it into the glass using a sieve. Your sour turmeric is ready to be served.

Warm Ginger Tea (Wedang Teh Jahe).

Tea and ginger (Javanese people call it empon-empon) are ingredients that have many benefits for the body. And even of course to ward off corona covid-19 virus, you can consume it.  For maximum results, this traditional herbal medicine can be consumed every day in the morning and evening.

To make ginger tea, prepare the ingredients in advance such as water, tea, brown sugar, salt, lime or tamarind, and ginger to taste. Then prepare the tools for mashing, pans, and spoons.

The way to make it is, first puree by mashing the ingredients I have mentioned above.  Separate, boil water for 10 minutes then add the tea. Mix well. Then enter the mashed ingredients. Stir again until it boils. After boiling, turn off the stove and ginger tea is ready to be served.

About the “Empon-Empon” which is Called to Counter Corona Covid Virus 19.

Empon-Empon, These ingredients include ginger, curcuma, turmeric, galangal, and lemongrass.

The term empon-empon became viral after it was mentioned by a professor of molecular biology from Airlangga University, East Java, Professor Chaerul Anwar Nidom.  Professor Nidom explained that empons can ward off the corona covid-19 virus.

Even the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Terawan Agus Putranto also spoke about empon-empon.  According to him, everything in the form of immunity including empon-empon can be an antidote to the corona covid-19 virus.

Empon-empon has also been proven safe for health, and this has been stipulated in the Ministry of Health Law number MENKES/187/2017 About the Formulary of Traditional Indonesian Medicinal Herbs. The law that regulates health issues has even mentioned that the formulary of traditional Indonesian medicinal herbs (FROTI) is information about the types of medicinal plants that grow in Indonesia that have been proven safe if used according to the rules and empirically very beneficial for health.

In the book ‘Findings and Emphonies, Cultivation and Benefits‘(Temu-temuan dan Empon-empon, Budidaya dan Manfaatnya), the work of Engineer Fauziah Muhlisah, empon-originating from the Javanese language, as long as the word is to classify empu which means a type of plant or single root rhizome.

Javanese ancestors used plants including the empon empon for traditional medicine and cooking spices.  But now its use extends to the food, beverage, body care, and cosmetics industries for beauty treatments.

Red Ginger (Jahe Merah)

In the following, I will explain the benefits of Ginger. Ginger meant here is Red Ginger. Red Ginger is very useful to help maintain the immune system.  This is to keep the body fit, and red ginger extract can prevent and kill harmful bacteria in the body. Therefore, if we consume red ginger, the immune system will increase.

Curcuma (Temulawak)

Curcuma, Benefits of curcuma is one of them to maintain fitness.  Even the former Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Nila Moeloek is very diligent in drinking herbal medicine curcuma as a way to maintain fitness in the midst of busyness. The practice of drinking curcuma herbal medicine has been said by Nila for a long time and also applied to all of staff at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.

Turmeric (Kunyit)

Turmeric. The benefits of turmeric are as an antioxidant, antitumor, and anticancer.  Because the compounds contained in turmeric, namely curcuminoids, and essential oils have a role in the use of turmeric. Antioxidants are compounds that can ward off free radical compounds, curcuminoid compounds in turmeric have cytotoxic properties that can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells and can reduce and eliminate odors, itching, and reduce the size of wounds from cancer causing. Therefore, turmeric allows it to be used as an anti inflammatory which is useful in the treatment of cancer and tumor treatments.

Galangal (Kencur)

Galangal. Benefits of galangal one of which treat cough.  Because galangal contains substances that are also contained in ginger and turmeric. Galangal can be a traditional medicine to cope with phlegm cough, make breathing easier, and help the optimal cough healing process. Galangal is also often used for the voices of singers. Galangal is called to help maintain the vocal cords so that the throat feels relieved.

Lemon Grass (Serei/Sereh)

Lemongrass.  One of the benefits of lemongrass is reducing fever.  The content of lemongrass can also help remove harmful substances from the body.

Don’t panic with this Corona Covid 19 virus epidemic.  Consumption of healthy food and maintain body immunity by consuming empon-empon will help ward off corona covid virus 19.

For those of you who don’t have the time to make the ingredients I explained above, or feel confused about how to process the ingredients above, don’t worry, because the Java Private Tour has a vision and mission in preserving Javanese culture, and introducing all matters relating to Java to the international world, even now we are able to produce various Javanese Traditional Potions ourselves, and of course in the supervision of the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration (BPOM), the Ministry of Health, and for those of you who are Muslims we make sure that our Javanese Traditional Herbal products are Hallal certified, and can be consumed for public use, and the proceeds from the sale of this herbal medicine will be used for charity, and to help the poor, neglected children, orphaned, education, job creation and skills training for the unemployed in Indonesia, and all things and all aspects for the advancement of the Indonesian people and the world.

It is very hopeful that the Java Private Tour will be able to participate together with you to fight the corona covid 19 virus, not only in Indonesia, but throughout the world.

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