The charm and dynamics of Gemstones in Indonesia.

Luxurious and authoritative, it is the right word to refer to natural stones known as gemstones. The stone is quite popular that comes from minerals that are processed naturally by nature, because of the occurrence of natural changes over millions of years in the bowels of the earth in a very long time, no one would have thought if all humans could enjoy the stone as one of the works of nature that is very beautiful.

Gemstone is the most desirable object for men and women, young and old, both domestically and abroad, and has its own market share and interest, to beautify themselves and complete the appearance to make it look more trendy.

From about 5000 types of minerals on earth, there are only 170 to 250 types of minerals that can be classified as types of precious stones, and these stones are quite familiar to us in this modern age era.

In Indonesia in 2010 until 2016 the popularity of gemstone experienced its heyday, at that time in Indonesia gemstone was in demand, many Indonesians and foreigners from other countries come to Indonesia competing to explore the gemstone business because the demand is very high and very profitable, a lot of Indonesians suddenly became millionaires at that time.

But its popularity is not long, even now, the prestige of gemstone seems to have begun to fade, There are not many people who are still in gemstone business, and the results of the gemstone business are getting even more declining because of the fading popularity of gemstone in Indonesia.

Now for some people, the gemstome trend may be over. But it is not for those who are true fans of gemstone, one of the gemstone entrepreneurs in the Jakarta area who had a chance to talk with Edu from the Java Private Tour claimed to have sold gemstone long before the trend of gemstone exploded in popularity in the era of 2010-2016 ago.

“The entrepreneur said that he sells gemstone because it is a hobby,” and he explained that the euphoria of the gemstone business in Indonesian society a few years ago caused many people to join in the stone business, but even before the euphoria, the gemstone collection was a hobby for certain groups of people.

Euphoria of the collection and sale and purchase of precious stones had struck the Indonesian people in 2010-2016 ago. But somehow, at the end of 2016 until now this gemstone trend suddenly sank.

In Indonesia there are various types of gemstone that are popular with collectors. When the gemstone business still exists, the price of an agate can reach hundreds of millions of rupiah, but if you buy it now, enough with 10 USD you can get the best type of stone in Indonesia.

Various types of gemstone can be found in all regions in Indonesia. There are several types of gemstone which is a stone typical of certain regions in Indonesia, and these types of gemstone have their own uniqueness and myths.

Next, Edu from Java Private Tour will review various types of gemstone, at this time various types of gemstone are priced very cheaply, and vary according to the type and uniqueness.

Consider the following various types of gemstone that have been summarized by Edu from the Java Private Tour, and this article has been processed from various sources, with the intent and purpose : one of the visions and missions of Edu and the Java Private Tour is to continue to explore various positive potentials from various aspects of social, cultural and economic empowerment of local communities, as well as learning and education aspects to make Indonesian people more creative and able to develop themselves in the midst global competition.

Bacan Stone

Bacan stone is the most popular stone, Bacan stone is often referred to as jade (giok) from Indonesia. Bacan stone originates from the North Maluku region, the name bacan is taken from the name of the island where the stones are traded, namely Bacan Island, located in South Of Halmahera Regency, North Maluku Province.

When viewed from the historical side, the bacan stone was an important jewelery during the Bacan sultanate, Jailolo, Tidore and Ternate. Bacan stone that is often found on the market is Doko Palamea type of bacan. The bacan Doko stone is usually green, while Palamea is light bluish green, Bacan gemstone is also often referred to as the Indonesian jade (giok).

This stone surged when the former 6th President of the Republic of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono gave this stone to the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama.

Bio Solar Stone

Bio solar gemstone is found in Aceh Province, the popularity of this stone jumped when it was found this type of stone by 2 tons in Aceh, called bio solar because the color of this stone is similar to diesel oil, Aceh’s solar bio stone is a type of Jade (giok) with various qualities and colors.

but there is one type of bio solar that is Aceh’s super solar which can be said to be better than the previously famous crystal stones. This stone is believed to have the ability to attract the opposite sex and is able to bring good luck.

Kalimaya – Black Oval Stone

This type of stone can be found in the Banten area, this Black Opal stone in Indonesia is widely found in the Banten area, precisely in the Cimarga, Sajira and Maja sub-districts. This stone can also be found around Kalimantan.

It is said that this type of stone stores the forces of nature that have a positive impact on the wearer, the structure of the Kalimantan opal stone is able to emit and spread light in various colors according to the place where the gemstone is located.

Iron Badar Stone

This stone is unique because it can react with magnets. Iron badar stone is a type of original natural rock that is formed from the element Fe2O3 iron so that this stone will stick to the iron. This stone is dark gray to black and silver gray, some are brown, reddish brown to red.

Ruby Red Pomegranate

This stone is pink to blood red, also called ruby, because the content in ruby ​​is the mineral corundum and what gives it red color is chromium, in Indonesia this stone is commonly called the Red Pomegranate stone (ruby merah delima).

This stone is considered to be very rare and makes it very expensive, it is said that this stone has a supernatural myth that can only be obtained through austerities, at this time the original ruby ​​stone was only a few that had and included a type of heirloom some kingdoms in Indonesia.

Amethyst Stone

The amethyst is known as gemstone that has a beautiful fiber composition, This gemstone motif is quite unique, and it is very suitable to be worn by young people, as well as older people, this stone can give the impression of authority to those who wear it.

Amethyst types included in the original stone from Kalimantan, several types of amethysts are widely known, among others, amethyst wulung Kalimantan, tea amethyst, horn amethyst, amethyst water, and amethyst ice.

Solomon Stone

There is a myth where this type of stone is the stone that was used by the Prophet Solomon, so his name is called the Solomon gemstone, Solomon stone types have several types that are generally red, yellow, or also a combination of the two colors.

Solomon stone can be found throughout Indonesia. Sulaiman gemstone has also become the target of collectors, including the type of Solomon stone : Honey, David, Wulung, Combong, Yellow, Gold, Green, Blue, Black, Pancawarna, Milk, Derajat and Kurung.

Written by : Edu – The Founder Of Java Private Tour

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